Episode 15-Brandee Younger: Jazz Harp Meets Hip-Hop

In jazz, two legendary harp musicians come to mind. Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane. Now, there is a third musician whose image immediately erupts into focus. For harp artist, educator, and Grammy nominated musician Brandee Younger, both Ashby and Coltrane…

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Roxy Coss 2 by Desmond White

Episode 14-Roxy Coss: Students Are the Music

“When you’re teaching jazz, you’re a messenger of the music.” -Lucas Pino For tenor saxophonist, composer, bandleader, educator and artist Roxy Coss, jazz education is everything. When we talked in July, she and her husband, saxophonist, educator and composer, Lucas…

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Episode 13-Miki Yamanaka: Living Her Dreams

Listen on Libsyn Japanese jazz pianist Miki Yamanaka, born and raised in Kyoto and Kobe Japan, now resides in New York City with her drummer husband Jimmy Macbride. Her upcoming album, Shades of Rainbow is set to drop on September 8.…

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Episode 12-Julieta Eugenio: Music is Magic

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”— Lao Tzu Music moves the soul in so many ways. It moves the spirit and inspires living beings to become one with the music. Argentinian Julieta Eugenio was just that person…

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Episode 11-Jon Irabagon: Always Moving Forward

Episode 11- Jon Irabagon: Always Moving Forward Jon Irabagon is always driving ahead whenever he wants to make a statement with a new recording. With his saxophones facing forward, Jon’s bold and articulate improvisations draw on his singular drive to…

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Yonathan Avishai 37 copy scaled

Episode 10-Yonathan Avishai: Music Is Life

Yonathan Avishai and I met in a conference room at Bexley Public Library in the village of Bexley in Columbus, Ohio. He was bright, friendly, and alert despite his long flight the day before. Yonathan is an Israeli-born French resident.…

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Timo Vollbrecht co Desmond White 1 1

Episode 6 Timo Vollbrecht: Gives and Takes

German-born saxophonist and jazz educator Timo Vollbrecht is a mild-spoken man which slightly disarms you. You would not know by first sight that he is a practitioner and scholar of electronic-infused improvised jazz. He has long been a fan of…

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ImmanuelWilkins 04 byRogWalker 1

Episode 5-Immanuel Wilkins: Community Breeds Greatness

Immanuel Wilkins is considered one of the most compelling instrumentalists in improvised music today. His primary instrument is the alto saxophone but that’s not all he can play. There’s a video you can find on YouTube of an interview he…

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Edit Marta KMW9115

Episode 4-Marta Sanchez: Spanish American Gem

Marta Sanchez combines the technical of classical with the soul of jazz, presenting innovative and emotive compositions that stir the mind and fill the spirit. This Madrid, Spain native now resides in Brooklyn, NY, performing in New York clubs with…

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Emmet Cohen photo

Emmet Cohen: Jazz Streaming Visionary

On today’s episode of Strictly Jazz Sounds, I have a conversation with Emmet about his show: how he selects the guests, the challenges doing the show, the dreams he holds for it and the impact he hopes to have on…

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